LED Lighting Options and Accessories for Autos

Nowadays, LED lights are used for what seems like an endless array of applications and tasks. Let’s take a look at some of the ways LED lighting can make your vehicle safer and more attractive.

First of all, many auto manufacturers are choosing to incorporate LED lights into their vehicles right from the start or as an option. For example, headlights and tail lights can now have LED lights instead of traditional halogen lights that have been used in the past. Not only can LED replace the main lamp of the light, which produces the most light in front of the vehicle, but additional, smaller LED lamps can be added to the light fixture for additional brightness or even color.

LEDs can also be used to make vehicles more attractive. You may have seen auto racing movies like the Fast and the Furious before. In those movies, many cars are tricked out with lights that appear underneath the car. These lights are almost always LED based. Car customizers use LEDs because of their powerful brightness available in such a small package. Due to this, they can be attached to the bottom of the vehicle easily. They can also take on just about any shade of color you want. So if you want your car to have a glowing blue light under it, you can have that. LEDs are so flexible for this application, that you can choose to have lights installed that actually change colors and are programmable. If you feel like changing the color, you can.

It isn’t just for the lights under the car that you can use LED’s though. You can incorporate tiny LED lights along the side, front, back or even inside the vehicle if you wish. If it’s Christmas time, you can even use a string of portable LED lights and place a string of lights in your back window for a festive look.

LEDs aren’t just for when your car is driving either. There are many options for LED lights that you can use to help make working on your car much easier. Lighten and brighten the work area by using an LED headlamp or portable light. Traditionally, people working on vehicles had to use lights that would get very hot to the touch, and would also be very heavy to move. Now, with LED lamps, the lights are lightweight, immensely portable and are cool to the touch, making them much safer.

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